Forum Thread: Can Someone Help Me Install Fluxion in My Kali Linux Running in Virtualbox Please?

I downloaded it in my desktop on windows 10 as zip file. Should i extract it here? So how can i run it in my kali linux?

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1- download Fluxion from git:
git clone

2- Install package:
apt-get install php5-cgi lighttpd isc-dhcp-server hostapd bully mdk3 (as root)
(If you are running kali linux, you don't need other package they are include with kali)

3- Run fluxion
cd fluxion
./fluxion (as root)

Hope it helps

It said unable to locate. May because the zip file is still in my desktop and not in my virtualbox.

It most be on you kali linux machine

Hi! I'm using Kali Linux Rolling Subsystem (Windows app).
I'm stuck at sudo "./fluxion" step.

It says "sudo: ./fluxion: command not found"

Please help.

Yeah uh, I'd challenge you for having Wind'ohs installed but I guess you may have your reasons, but like most Linux distros (ex: Debian) offer way more protection/security/privacy than closed source Operating Systems - why not install Kali in addition to whatever else you want (like a bunch of Linux distros)? The process is called "dual-booting" and you can have multiple operating systems installed on your HDD or SSD, depending on the size capacities (of your HDD/SSD) available! Or you could just install a Kali Live OS (to a USB flashdrive or an SD card) ; I'm not so sure how virtual box works, and as far as I know, running them with Wind'ohs is like not a good idea because Wind'ohs provides absolutely no operational security

anyways, I'm not so sure about the git repo that @SadMonkeyHacker provided
but currently I have used and it seems to work quite well!

Fluxion Installation

Open up your terminal, whether in Kali or ParrotOS or (Black)Arch whatever OS ya want, obviously it would make more sense to use an OS that focuses on pen testing and has a substantial amount of security tools, anywho...

git clone
cd fluxion

{make sure that you have not terminated your internet connection while setting up Fluxion for the first time, as it will automatically install the missing dependencies once you run ./ and it should also update itself to the latest version, if not already at the latest version, I believe at the current moment of typing, it's version 13}

@Wayward AF: "Fluxion DOES NOT WORK on Linux Subsystem For Windows 10, because the subsystem doesn't allow access to network interfaces."

How can we access network interfaces on the Linux subsystem then? Any other method?

Bro please tell how subsystem can allow to network interfaces.

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