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Hey guys, my first post here and till now i was just a ghost :P
well, i dropped here from a serie who got my attention called "hack like a pro" and really got involved in that thing

Then, I decided to try, but don't want to use linux as my first SO by now, so i decide to emulate one on virtual box following a tutorial called "How to install Kali Linux V2.0 sana in virtualbox", posted on a site called hackercool (just in case that u guys need to see the tutorial, not sure if can post external link here, so i gave the information for u google it)

Folowed the tutorial, downloaded kali 2016 32bits on oficial website and did the same with virtualbox, but when i start kali on virtual box it open normally , like the SS show


But when i press enter in "install" option I get a blackscreen, and thats it, i cant click anywere, cant type anything, just a holy black screen


So guys, need u help to solve this :c
My info:
System: Win 7 home basic x64
CPU: i3 4160

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You should use Graphical Install for easier install...
Install that you clicked on is to install the system through Command Line not GUI.
that's it :)

Already tried it and it just stuck on the kali screen for 2 sec, change resolution for a bit larger and black screen again :c

Does the live option work for you ?

What's the full name of the Kali .iso you downloaded?

Any tutorial for use it?
what do i do after download?

Firstly, u need to choice - VMWARe or Oracle VM. Then download an appropriate VM image and extract it. Next launch VMWare/Oracle VM and press "open VM"

I can suggest you to use better "machine" if you're going to use Kali in "virtualbox"


ACtually it worked well on my pc :p
I did what RTFW said to me and worked

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