Forum Thread: Need Some Help with Kali Linux 2.0 Dual Booting with Windows 7

hey guys , after i searched the Internet for 5 days i was unable to find anything that can fix my problem , so i came here hoping that you can help me ... , i started reading the aspiring hacker series and installed kali linux 2.0 64 bit amd as a duel boot with windows 7 , and i did that by installing the iso from the main website then burning it into a dvd , then i booted into Live and installed it from there , when it reached the network setup it gave me the choices of how i wanted to connect into the Internet , so i choose wifi and then the setup completed normally ..., after the installation was done i booted into kali and when i tried to connect the wifi it fails , although my wifi connects when am booting into windows 7 and and the wifi led on my laptop is on , am a newbie with linux i really really would appreciate your help on this as your my last hope :) , sorry for my bad English and thank you for your time .

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First try running "airmon-ng wlan0 start" from the terminal.
If it doesn't work try "service network start".
Or you'd need to search for and download compact wireless.
Else just make it an easy troubleshooting by connecting with a cable and please post screenshots !

Your syntax is wrong:

airmon-ng start wlanX
service networking start or /etc/init.d/networking start

You have to replace wlanX with your wireless interface name, type iwconfig to see it. But what you want exactly to do? Why do you want to place your card in monitor mode?

here is the iwconfig , what i want is to connect via wifi , and for some reason or another i cant ...

Image via

You don't have to place your card in monitor mode to connect via WiFi. Try this:

ifconfig wlan0 up
iwlist wlan0 scan

And show a screenshot of the output please.

Have you done ifconfig wlan0 up before that?

rfkill list
Then rfkill unblock X where X is the number of your card in the list.
Then ifconfig wlan0 up again.

Reboot your system to restore the interfaces. Then:
ifconfig wlan0 up
iwlist wlan0 scan

Your wireless card is now working, try to connect to an AP from the network-manager on the top-right of your screen.

its still the same not working :/

how can i check if i have the proper wifi driver or if i have any at all ? , maybe i have the wrong wifi drivers installed ?

hey bro , sry for my late response , its still not working .. when i click on the wifi , it keeps scanning for net works

i have problem too after i install kali on my desktop there is no terminal or anything can someone tell how to fix that

have you tried to right click on the screen ?

i clicik everywhere and nothing happend but when i press ctrl+alt+f1 then i can go in terminal

i was reinstall 20 times but still i have same problem

thank you ill check that out :)

yes i think its window screen resolution but how to fix it

remove network manager and install wicd.. i've had the same problem and thats the solution i found.

P.D: sorry for my bad english

can you tell me how can i do that plz :) ?

OMG , bro i feel totaly stupid and am happy for it lol , its fixed , finally after all these dayes :) , thank you ^^

Or just not dual boot with windows because why would you in the first place anyway?

thank you for all the people who spent time reading and helping me with this problem , i fixed the problem by installing wicd " sudo apt-get install wicd " then connected to wifi through it :)

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