Forum Thread: Kali Linux Full Installed Usb Boot vs Live Persistence Usb Boot


Hello guys! I am currently operating Kali Linux on a virtual machine with windows 10 as host, and would like to switch to a USB boot.


I understand that Kali usually operates on root, and to perform various attacks, most of the time root access is required. Now this could potentially brick the whole machine if accidents/mistakes were made while having this root privilege, if Kali installed through dual boot (windows)

Does the above problem exist if Kali were booted via Live Persistent USB, or Fully installed USB.

Main Concern:

I don't mind backing up my standard devices and their partitions on my machine prior to the Live USB boot, or full installation. However I find it quite time consuming if I have to back up my machine every time I boot Kali due to the damage root privilege can cause (as recommended if I were to do a dual boot). Now the problem stated does not exist with the VM, and I would like to do the same with a USB on my machine instead because I would like to fully utilize my machine's RAM, CPU, and to update the OS if necessary; but I don't want keep backing up my drives every time I boot Kali.

So ultimately: which method should I go with

  1. Live Persistent USB boot
  2. Fully Installed USB boot

Thanks in advance!

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