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I was its installing my Kali 2.0 on on dual boot with Windows 8.1 when i try to re size the partition during installation in Kali its show you are using dynamic partition e.t.c error . are there any way to convert dynamic partition of windows to basic with out loosing data

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try using the mini partition tool @MaGRoNix

Awhile back I had a server that had a software RAID setup and the drives were showing as Dynamic. I simply used linux fdisk and changed the filesystem type from 0xB(I Think) to 0x7(NTFS). Write, quit, reboot and it will boot as if nothing happend.

As The Black Stork has mentioned, mini partition tool is a free windows based editor. I havn't used it and it only mentions converting fat32/ntfs for free. It does resize for free too. You may have to manually alter the type then use mini partition tool to resize. If you have a mirror then it will be broken. You will have to recreate and sync.

tried to boot the Kali Linux 2.0 from a disc but when I start setup it says an error message like: "This program doesn't support Windows 6.2.9200 SP0 yet".

Thx Guys Problem Solved .Thx to The BLock Strom and mini partition tool

Is there a way to dual boot kali on a Samsung galaxy s5 if so how please thanks.

Have a look at this. It's not dual boot proper, but it's a means to the same end. Here is another link that describes how to do the same thing as the link above, but this one is a little more detailed.

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