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I needed help on which tutorial to follow for dual booting by mac with kali. I want to do the installation with a usb as I do not have a dvd. I already have rEFInd installed.

Thank you.

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I do follow that but when I click the bootable device to load it tells me no bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key

you are probably selecting the wrong linux icon on rEFInd, this happened to me before as well. try one of the other icons that you see when rEFInd starts.

hey learnforlife,
how did you figure it out?
Im struggling to get it installed man.
when i boot kali on my usb from rEEFind, Kali boots live.

Help me out will from step one please?

Which software did you use to make the bootable usb?

I used a virtual image of windows and used Win32DiskImager.

You can grab a trial of windows and vmware fusion and it should give you enough time to make a usb.

Good Luck!

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