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I have Linux Mint 17.1 MATE dual booted on my mid 2010 MacBook Pro 13. How can I get metasploit for Mint? I'm trying to learn how to hack, and based on the AMAZING tutorials on here, it sounds like a necessary and invaluable tool. I looked on and saw that I can only get the limited version for free. Is there a way that I can get the full version for free? I really don't want to switch to backtrack or kali until I've practically mastered linux and hacking. Thank You, in advanced, for all your help!

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I Think the best way to master linux and hacking is to practice with Kali/BT. don't panic switching to Kali/BT.

I've tried both before and they don't seem to be compatible with my mac. How easy are they to trouble shoot issues and get new programs for and such? I like how easy Mint has been for me to learn with.

This ^ is a link to the specs of my laptop. I have the 250GB SATA hard drive. Will Kali work on here if I replace my Mint partition with it? I know more about linux and computers in general than I did last time I tried to put Kali on here, but I'm still afraid that I'll mess up my computer if I try to get Kali to install again.

You only really need like 10gb for a Kali partition. Kali is compatible with MacBooks; however, you may need to boot via DVD instead of USB booting.

It's probably going to be easier to run Kali as it has all the tools you need preinstalled.


Will it work with reFind? because that's my bootloader right now. I could easily break off 25GB from my hard drive for a Kali partition if that is enough space to install and run it. What's the difference between using a DVD and a USB? What version of Kali should I download. I have on a USB, but it's probably not the right one anymore.

reFind is actually used in the guide I linked.

I haven't looked into the difference between using DVD and USB, so I can't answer that.

Download the latest Kali version from here.

You should run the latest version of Kali.


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