Forum Thread: How Can I Bridge Network on Kali

All My programs Running Well But I Was trying To BRIDG network (WFI) To Kali Via Oracle VM but Seems Like its impossible, I was finding ways so hard but I don't founded any way to solve this problem, I have just shared To kali NAT (Just host) what's Not Longer necessary, I Know that's its possible to bridge over Cable internet But I have only Wifi Connection Thanks.

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Are you using an external wireless adapter?


no I'm On Xfinity Wifi I don't Have My Adapter

That is your issue.


VMs don't work with internal wireless adapters, they require external ones in order to access WiFi.

So yes.


No problem.


I have both internal adaptor of Broad-Com and external adaptor Rail-link but still I couldn't able to configure the network bridge for Kali Linux on Virtual Box with host machine Windows 7 and internet also not working.

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