Forum Thread: Is Hacking from a Virtual Machine or Using Kali on It, Secure ?

I'm new to VMs and Kali, and since I downloaded it I had the questions (Am I safe? will my computer be affected? ) what I mean is: can't anyone gain access from the VM to the host system? or can someone track me somehow via the host system even if used vpn and macchanger on the VM? since kali as a VM connect to the internet via cable not wifi.

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From the network point of view (layer 3 of ISO stack) having a VM in bridged mode on an host is the same as having 2 distinct hosts. Moreover if you're performing mischievous actions over Internet you should more worry about your ISP Router address (public IP address) than your VM IP address (that should be private). From that point of view using a VM or not makes no difference since they will track your router not your Kali.

I have never heard hacker breaking through a VM and gaining access on the host.
It's can be already quite technical to break through a container without mentioning a virtual machine.

thank you

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