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hey look I'm back with another idea to bring our community together and an opportunity to learn and grow. Since the CTF was more or less of a success it did make me realize that we like to primarily focus on tools here at Null-Byte. Kali and metasploit are amazing and flexible tools, but knowing how to code your own is invaluable to a pentester/hacker. Much like the first post about the CTF I would like to gauge interest in a Null-Byte Code-a-thon.

For those who don't know a Code-a-thon is an event where a goal or purpose is posted and participants have fixed amount of time to code a solution.

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I think this is a great idea, but let's finish one project at a time. Let's work to integrate the CTF competition into Null Byte and put this project off until we have that one fully integrated and working flawlessly into Null Byte.

You have lots of good ideas, but let's handle them one at a time.


I agree. Just was trying to gauge interest. :P

I would be down for this, but OTW certainly does make a good point.

Errr.... i think you mean a, dare i say it, hackathon. =p

lol nooooo that first CTF nearly gave me an ulcer!

hackathons and CTFs are different things. Hackathons, in mainstream programming bro society, ARE Codeathons.

Thank you standard user, you are such a blessing for this community. First your CTF-event and now this. And you are not just all-talk but you actually sit down and organize these events. Even though it may take a while for the first Code-a-Thon to happen (as I agree with the others that implementing one recurring event is top priority before starting a new one), the Code-a-Thon in conjunction with the CTF event will bring this community together. Not only can we work together and compete, but we also get more interesting content out of these, for example Joe Schmoes description of his CTF-strategy and in the future many different approaches to solve a programming problem.

Keep up the good fight!

alrighty one thing at a time CTF comes first...I cant help that I'm a precocious lil scamp

It seems someone has been practicing his vocab words. =p

Lol ikr.

-- Anon_HQ6--

I'm dtc, but I'm also with OTW in that the community needs us to take this one step at a time. Hopefully I'm not neck deep in blueteam problems for the next ctf. It'd be nice to stretch the muscles.

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