Forum Thread: How to Use Meterpreter Scripts After Sessions !

Hello guys i want to ask you how to use meterpreter script like enumfirefox and enumchrome.
Last time i used run enumfirefox i got nothing .
And last thing list me the best scripts for running on meterpreter !
Thanks !

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Well the script is enumfirefox.rb not enumfirefox And you would refer to this for further info's.

Simply load the modules in metasploit and use command "show options".
eg. for enumchrome:

msf > use post/windows/gather/enumchrome
*you mentioned after sessions so..*
msf post (enumchrome) > sessions
*you will see available sessions, set an ID in next command*
msf post (enum
chrome) > set session sessionid
*run show options next*
msf post (enum
chrome) > show options

this should give you available options.

Keep studying!

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