Forum Thread: Can Anyone Tell Me How to Install Tixati, Vmware and IDM in Kali Sana ???

As the tittle says, anyone please help me to install :

  1. Tixati (For downloading Torrents cause it's 10x faster than uTorrent),
  2. IDM (For Downloading direct links via Iceweasel),
  3. VMware (For Installing Win 7)

Any help would be greatly appreciated ....

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5 Responses

  1. I don't use it (using uTorrent. could install it with apt-get or download it from
  2. there is no IDM for linux, just xdman and others like that. (using apt-get install them)
  3. you could download it from and then install it. (it's a bundle file)

is xdman is similar to IDM ???
btw thanks for your reply... :)

not really, i didn't saw anything like IDM, and that's a bad thing for linux.
IDM uses full bandwidth and has lots of options, but linux's download manager not so much.
you could use virtual windows for your downloads.

yeah... i'll do that... thanks... :)

Maybe use the windows version with wine?? See if it works..

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