Vmware: Move VM (Kali)

Hey there,
I recently bought a new laptop for school and other mobile stuff.

So what I would like to do now is to move the virtual machine of my Kali system to my laptop which has Vmware also installed.

Only problem: it doesn't really work.

I can start the .vmx file and it boots, but before I am able to log in I have a blackscreen inside the VM and I can wait for hours.

My question is:
Is there any good solution to move a vm (in Vmware!)?
I heard about vSphere and something like that but its pretty hard to find good information about this.
Hope anyone can share his ideas ;)


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Make a live boot usb with persistence. then boot to that when you would like to use it. I didnt search on here myself but i know there are a lot of articles on how to do this. If you do a search and cant find anything or get stuck let me know.


Ok ty ;)
However I fixed the problem.
It was a fault with Vmware.
I wasn't even able to install a new .iso file in vmware.
They switched the vmware player to vmware workstation player and now it doesn't work for me (on my notebook) anymore.
I could install it but I had either problems with the installing or the famous "oh no, something has gone wrong" error.

Fortunately everything works with virtualbox from Oracle and it runs even better (faster, smoother...).
I recommend everybody to switch to virtualbox :D


Glad you got it working!

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