Forum Thread: Kali Linux USB Persistence + LUKS Encryption Help

Hello Guys!
Hope You're all doing fine, so these couple days I've been working on Getting Kali Live USB Persistence to work.
I got my USB ready to boot, made the partitions: Fat32, ext3, ext4.

Everything is setup I can normally boot into kali, I used before a 16gb 2.0 drive but then I changed my plan and gone for 32GB 3.0 drive since it's faster and it really is.

I did the partitions successfully I can see the persistence icon on the desktop.
I decided to go for looks encryption which troubled me alot, I have /sdc which are sdc1,sdc2 and sdc3
I have ext3 with 4gb and ext4 with 4gb as well!
the commands I followed are:
read start _ < <(du -bcm kali-linux-2016.2-amd64.iso | tail -1); echo $start
parted /dev/sdc my part primary $start $end
cryptsetup --verbose --verify-passphrase luksFormat /dev/sdc2
cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdc2 UUI
mkfs.ext3 -L persistence /dev/mapper/UUI
e2label /dev/mapper/UUI persistence
mkdir -p /mnt/UUI
mount /dev/mapper/UUI /mnt/UUI
echo "/ union" > /mnt/UUI/persistence.conf
umount /dev/mapper/UUI

cryptsetup luksClose /dev/mapper/UUI

Well, I did all of this then I went to GParted to check everything, I right clicked on ext3 then information there was an info which says: Linux Unified Key Setup is not supported yet, I'm not sure if that is considered a problem ( i doubt it)

then I updated the /etc/fstab file with my UUI info
then Reboot
mmm here where I almost freaked out and I'm still worried
I got an error code ( blue screen)
I'm using windows 10
but I managed to get back to my system, happily.
I'm not sure what I messed up, no clue
I tried to boot again into persistence with encryption I got the initramfs screen
I got some help to get it rolling, entered this command:
crypt setup luksOpen /dev/your-encrypted-partition whatever
it asked me for a passphrase which I set up before
I entered it, then a flashing slash appears after that I can't enter anything, it's annoying or I'm stupid.

I'd be really thankful if someone can point out a resolution for this issue thanks for reading until this point and sorry for keeping you busy.


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Anyone ? Please...


Sorry, unfamiliar with LUKS...

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