Forum Thread: How to Install Wifi on Kali Linux

Is t necessary having an external card to set-up wigi on kali linux
In vmware?

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8 Responses

No, an internal card will do.

If you want to run Aircrack-ng or similar -- then yes, you'll need an external card.
Bridging between VMware and your host might work, but not always.

But for most things... no, you can just use your usual WiFi connection.

You don't need an external card just to get wifi on your Kali VM, but if you want to hack wifi, you will probably want an external wireless adapter.

I would recommend an Alfa card, make sure it is a model that works with Kali natively, easier to set up. Not needed but I would recommend it if you don't mind spending a little. ;)

I would gues.. from you description.. that your using a Virtual box with Kali Linux. Go to the settings of the setup sandbox, then to "Network", then change the "Attacked to" settingfrom NAT to "Bridged Adapter", then it shoudl automatically take your used Card.

If you have an internal card that supports packet injection... youre good to go!!... otherwise you gotta buy one that does...

ALFA USB WIFI AWUS036NEH - does it work with kali? if so, can it run while using it with a phone/tablet via OTG?

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