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Help I just installed back box on my pc today and it seemed to work just fine accept every time I try to run wiFite my wifi completey shuts down it doesn't even let me connect to new wifi. If I restart my pc it comes back but it still shuts down when I use wifite

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Wifite turns on monitor mode on linux. It is same as using airmon-ng start wlan0. After you are done with wifite, you need to use command like airmon-ng stop wlan0mon or mon0. Check your interface and you will be able to solve that.

Run airmon-ng wlan0mon stop or replace wlan0mon with whatever your interface is.

And do I just type it into the teminal

Yes. Run it in the terminal with sudo.

It doesn't seem to work but the wifI symbol don't even apear

This is were the image normally is

iwconfig / ifconfig
(check interface for wifi)

ifconfig (interface) down
ifconfig (interface) up

How do I know my inter face?

In your case it appears to be wlan0 if you are using a wifi interface. If you are on ethernet its eth0.

ifconfig wlan0 down
ifconfig wlan0 up

I do not know if this will fix your problem, but after restarting the interface it should appear on your screen again.

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