Forum Thread: I'm a Newbie in Installing Kali Linux.

i've checked all the available step-by-step guides about how to install kali linux with dual boot win 7.
but still i've some questions abot those guides.
here's my scenario :
I've 5 partitions (Drive : C,D,E,F,G) in win 7 .
I've removed all the data from D drive to install kali in it.
now my question is : If I'll go in this way,

  1. is there any possibility of swiping away the entire data of my laptop's Hard disk in the process of installing kali linux ?
  2. if I'll delete the 'D drive' instead of shrinking the partition (what i want to mean is to make D drive's entire space unallocated) , will i still be able to install kali linux properly in my laptop ?

any help would be greatly appreciated .

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5 Responses

so it means all the data in drive: c,e,f & g will be swiped away ???
still not clear...

No, when Kali asks you where you want to put it, tell it the d: drive.

You might also consider installing in a VM as a beginner.

yes, but i want to move myself totally into kali linux ... :)

Thnx guys...
i've successfully installed kali linux 1.0 in my laptop... :)
now it's time for kali sana... :D

hello ....i've installed kali linux on an USB but can't log in as root is not accepting the password "toor" ....what 2 do ????? .....pls reply .....

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