Forum Thread: Help with Linux Kali Installation

hey guys
i am noob btw :P
i am trying to install linux kali in workstation VM version 10.0
and i get this error about the file resides and network not functional probably

heres the error

System : core i3 intel ,,,,,,, ram 4GB,,,windows 7 server pack 1

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Hey dude,

To be honest with you, I don't really recommend installing Kali Linux on VMware. For me, it is slow, even with VMware tools, and kills off 40 GB of my hard drive. And it is a hassle to install. I would recommend using the Kali VMware image, found on and it is a preinstalling of Kali that comes with all the essential tools and is designed specifically for VMware .

oki i will try that ,, but do u think i will hv the same prb again ?

thank u :)

Kali VMware image comes with everything preinstalling, so you do have to go through the installation process. All you need to do is download the torrent or ISO, and unzip the files to a directory you re comfortable with. Click open A virtual machine, go to that directory and here will be one file, which you will click and it will open to a preinstalling version of Kali.

got it , i will try that
thank u so much dude :)
i will let u know when i am done

I never actually had problems setting up Kali, except for when I used VMware applications. Honestly, they aren't very good for Kali. I have never had any problems like this with VirtualBox. I don't know why people still use VMware...

I've never had big problems with it. In fact, the Kali VM image seems to fit very nicely with it. To each his own.

can i use kali with pen drive and upgrade it ?

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