Forum Thread: Using a Wireless USB Adapter in Kali 2.0

Hey everyone... just my first post here. I'm looking for a wireless usb adapter to use with Kali 2.0, so I started some research on the most wanted adapters for hacking, that must include Monitor Mode and Packet Injection.

My question is: since I've found lots of information in forums about this, I couldn't find one speaking about the possibility to use the adapter running Kali in Live mode, not in a Virtual Machine. So I ask you guys, can I install and use a wireless USB adapter in Live Mode?

Another question: Here in my town I found the TP-LINK WN722N USB adapter, for a good price, so I wonder if this adapter is still a good option for Kali 2.0 or it has become obsolete with time...

That's it... Thanks!

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I've been using a Panda wireless 300MB/s wifi adapter.
Its plug and play for Kali Linux.

costs under 20$,
only downside is that it only operates on a 2.4GHz frequency (no support for 5GHz)

so im using panda wifi adapter too. But somehow its not going through my kali..could you please provide step-by-step on how to do it? Thanks

I am having the same problem, have you solved this issue?

Any Wifi adapter that works with Kali VM should work with Kali live mode. As for the TP-LINK WN722N, that is the one that i'm using right now and i haven't had a problem with it. Lots of people use the Alfa though but if you can buy the TP-LINK locally all the better.


I have been using the alfa awus036h and recommend it as the number 1 wireless usb adapter as kali Linux has built in drivers to support it, and the adapter natively supports packet injection, also as OTW stated in a different post here on nullbyte its a tried and true device for use with penetration testing in Kali.

036h has diamond status with me.
Alfa = Mail Order
TP-Link = In local stores

IMHO Alfa is more flexible as far as custom antenna mounts go.
Ex: 9m RP-SMA cable 4$ + Alfa 15$ + Yagi 11$ + Sat Dish Free = Fun!

do i have to set up the panda pau05 on kali linux 2017 in order to use packet injection to crack wpa/wpa2 wifi networks im new to this but learning by reading n youtube can someone help me with this please

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