Forum Thread: Kali in VirtualBox and Wifi Stick

So i got interested in wlan hacking and bought a Netgear WN722N
which worked fine in my VirtaulBox version of Kali.

But now it's more of a never ending game of try and error, pulling it in and out, deinstalling the drivers in windows and what not, until at some point it gets detected by the virtual machine.

I googled the issue but couldn't really find some sort of best praxis for this.

So here is my question: How can I do this, so it just works ?!
Running a vm is very convinient. I dont want to set up a dual boot system just for the wifi stick to work properly.

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2 Responses

Yeah, I already installed some sort of extension pack.
So live booting it is... ^^

OHi, I'm back to wasting time with the VM xD

I did some research and found out that the wifi stick is listed under usb devices in the VM.. But I dont see any wireless network interfaces...

Do I need to somehow enable it manually? How can I do this?

Btw as you may have noticed I'm a Linux noob ^^

Edit: I found the solution. I have to uninstall the windows drivers every time I used the stick. It's rather annoying, but at least I have a bullet proof method for getting it to work now. Somehow I missed the fact that the driver was installed again...

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