Forum Thread: Help Run /Root/Desktop/Ampps-3.4-x86_64.Run in Kali.

im running kali rolling 2016.1 and downloaded Ampps-3.4-x8664.Run and moved it to the desktop. This is what ive tried
root@kali:~/Desktop# file:///root/Desktop/Ampps-3.4-x86
bash: file:///root/Desktop/ No such file or directory
root@kali:~/Desktop# sudo file:///root/Desktop/Ampps-3.4-x86
sudo: file:///root/Desktop/ command not found
root@kali:~/Desktop# sudo /Ampps-3.4-x86
sudo: / command not found
root@kali:~/Desktop# find -name
find: missing argument to `-name'
root@kali:~/Desktop# find -name Ampps-3.4-x86
root@kali:~/Desktop# ./Ampps-3.4-x86
bash: ./ Permission denied

i feel like im real close, how to get rid of permission denied

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2 Responses

Quick easy way to get rid of permissin denied.
right click file
click box, allow exicuting file as a program.

to install i used line
root@kali:~# /root/Downloads/
and it started... yay!

o credit to user385395 @

still new to this any questions ill try my best to help
I can help with fresh install on hdd even without the grub boot


All of the components of Ampps are already installed on Kali.

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