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Hello !
My English is bad , sorry !
When I Install Kali 2 On my HP laptop ,it goes good
but when it arrive to GRUB installation , it show me an error ..
and when i reboot my Laptop , it can't boot
Can i boot with live Kali and install GRUB ?
If this is the solution !
How can i Install it
Thank You !

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You should be able to reinstall Kali using the Live USB drive. Just overwrite the current system image by installing it on top of your current OS.


Yes I already installed Kali with Live USB drive ... And i give Him the hole Hard Drive Space .
My Hard Drive 500 Go
I gived 493 Go To / && /home both together & 7 Go To Swap !
But the problem that the GRUB can't Install Automatically after the system installation !

Thats what hes saying...
Reinstall your kali 2... youll be able to boot into it then..!!

Now I m using Ubuntu ! I will try to install kali 2 dualboot ! :)
Thank you anyway :)


I forgot to take one !

If you don't want to have to reinstall Kali you can try running grub-update or update-grub... Can't remember which it is

Agree. Make sure Kali was installed, boot live linux, run os-prober and install grub2.

I will try ! thank you

It happened to me also . There is some issue when you try to install using USB os installer . try using Bootable DVD . It will work .

Mine worked just fine

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