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Hi I am new to the community and really need some help.

I recently tried booting my kali linux usb in my new laptop ,I choose the Live(failsafe) option at the boot menu. It started booting but suddenly hangs after the boot only a black-grey screen shown I checked the checksum and it was correct, tried it with virtualbox also same result. During the boot process it hangs for a few second with a "(EDD=off to disable).

I'm using a asus UB-R4074T

it has Nvidia GT940m and 8gb of ram. I also tried booting into the grub menu by trying the shift key but only end up in the screen asking for my disk image. I suspect is the graphic card causing the screen display to split.MOST IMORTANTLY can anyone tell me how to boot into the grub menu. thanks in advance

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How did you burn image on USB drive ?

I meant to say i used Universal USB installer to write to the usb . Is there a way to boot into the GRUB menu ? I think it might be due to my graphic card but my virtuabox failed to boot too... pls help

Thank you ,but is there any way to download grub into kali linux so that i can configure the grub menu?

Anyway all Unix OS comes with grub by default , you don't need to install it. Its a hardware issue .

Then is there any way that I could boot into the grub menu?

I think something is messed up with your hard drive MBR , because BIOS automatically point to the grub anyway . you should have try live Ubuntu or any other Linux distro , and repair the grub using boot-repair tool . Just google it you'll find info about how to ..

Thank you for all the help and advice, I finally was able to boot into kali linux persistence .But there is just one problem , the screen resolution was 800x600 and I tried to configure it in system tools but only thats the only screen resolution availbale.

I tried "xrandr" It says "Failed to get size of gamma for output default".

I tried with ubuntu and was able to get 1980x1080 resolutin but my kali was unable ... I know this is out of the topic but hoping you could help me with this

have you update it after installation? if you do then you also need to install display driver specific to your display monitor.

Yes, After I updated it after installation and downloaded the nvidia-kernel-dkms .But when i reboot it gives me a "opps error need to logout" and then just hangs at a black screen . I entered the recovery mode and type the commands :

"sed 's/quiet/quiet nouveau.modeset=0/g' -i /etc/default/grub

from: But to no avail , haizz what should i do ?

Hello Las Road..
My name is prince..
I got the same problem; when kali linux start booting and then it shows only blank black-grey screen...
You have solved it . So will you please please please help me...
It would not take just more than five mins..
And that would help me a lot..
Thanks in advance...

To revert back after this error,
(1) Press CTRL + ALT + F1 to get console
(2) Login with your root account.
(3) Remove NVIDIA driver by pasting the following code.

(a)apt-get purge nvidia-kernel-dkms
(b)apt-get autoremove

(4)We have already removed the nvidia-kernel-dkms,the system had set it as default so to be on the safe side,we have to remove nouveau drivers(used by Kali as default).

(5)sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-nouveau
(6)sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf
(7)sudo reboot

same but i have intel(R) hd graphics

I had a black screen running Kali in Virtualbox just after installing it and installing all the updates and was able to fix it by going into system settings in Virtualbox and just unchecking the Enable 3d acceleration box in the Display settings.

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