Forum Thread: How Do I Actually Use Metasploit Outside LAN

i have been trying for a while to try to get metasploit working outside LAN ive made payloads and port forwarded it to my router and no success ive called my ISP to check if they block ports and they dont so what shud i do ????

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Can you make netcat connections or use other reverse shells?

when i ran netcat when i ran it with my local ip port 4444 was open witch i port forwarded but when i did it with my public ip it had connection timed out

i was thinking if droidjack is able to use the open ports so i started to test it and when i tried to use port 4444 it dindt work so i another port 8765 and that did work but when i tried it in metasploit it dindt .

i think it might have something to do with kali linux running on a VM because i can use the port in droidjack it does work but in kali if i let netcat scan for that port it still says its closed on canyouseeme

So you can connect to a netcat listener on port 4444 on your host internally, but the same netcat listener fails when you use your IP address? If that is the case you may need to look into your router settings.

yes thats the problem i have my firewall turned off on my router and port forwarding obviously on

You have to port forward your router

have done that but my kali linux vm doesnt want to use the port somehow if i run droidjack on my main machine with windows the port does work but when i port forward the same port to my kali linux local ip and let netcat scan for that port the port is still not working is it my vm configuration problem or what?

Yeah that sounds like a VM problem. Is it NAT?

yes it it ill try to live boot kali on my main machine to check if that works

hi there!i am a newb and the post is relevant to where i,m stuck up can i get some link to tutorial or basic help on how to port forward in kali vm NAT mode.

im aswell trying to figure it out i sadly dont know how to get it to work in a VM ive done alot of research and no answer yet

ahan....share with me once you get some solution

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