Forum Thread: How to Hack Any One Not on LAN.

Hi all xile hackers,

Hell a lot of tools are available for us on kali to hack a PC, hack an account or hack a phone etc.. but the problem is all the above mentioned things can be said to be working only over the connections on our own LAN.My friend are also saying that Metasploit and SET,Beef etc only work over our LAN so not pretty much useful,but i am damn sure they can be made to work over WAN using some so called port forwarding etc..

I am not much into port forwarding etc..can some one explain what is port forwarding,how does it work and how to make Metasploit,SET toolkit and Beef etc.. work over Wan..

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You need to understand the concept of private addresses, public addresses and NAT. Look here. Then you should understand what is port-forwarding and why you need to port forward.

They do work outside LAN also..
Just use your public IP instead private IP.
Also need to Port Forward. I think there are articles on this in NULL Bytes . Have a Look!!


In addition,you might want to set up a DDNS service for your home router so that when your WAN IP changes,you could just point to the hostname instead of having to constantly remember your IP address.An example of such service is No-ip

Hey, After DDNS setup. do i have to use the host name instead of my public IP everywhere. Like for attack outside LAN, while creating a payload i usually use my Public IP and in metasploit private Ip. so after DDNS setup do i have to use my hostname instead my public ip.??

Yes you use the hostname,if the DDNS is configured correctly,you will have a hostname to point to.

For example,if you were using a free No-ip account, your hostname will be something like

The entire purpose of a DDNS setup is so that when your WAN IP changes,instead of having to constantly remember the new WAN IP,you could just simply point your hostname and it will lead back to your WAN IP.There are alot of DDNS providers,just google them,but I prefer No-ip because it's easy to setup.

Thanks brother..


Thanks for all your help!! I'll look into each of the articles and can any of u give a correct tutorial or post on how to configure it.!!!

For what you're trying to accomplish,you need to understand the basics of networking.
Here are a couple good links for you to study:

Search around here in Null Byte,google it, I'm sure there are tons of information on the internet.

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