Forum Thread: Virtualbox Error Rc=1908 in Kali Linux

Hi null-byte forum .

I try to install virtualbox in kali linux 2016.2 live boot with persistence and the installation fine but when i try to run a VM machine i receive an error say:

i try many solution but nothing work , i try to update , i try to reinstall , i try reconfigured , dkms , ...
plz help!

Thanks advance!

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I had this exact same problem a couple of days ago. The command uname -r shows what kernel version you are using. For this, I had to install the Linux headers, but for kernel 4.6 I couldn't find them in the default repositories, which only had 4.7. Try apt-get dist-upgrade, and see if that updates your kernel. If it does, run apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)

Hope this fixes it :)

Thank you all for help, but nothing work for me.
now i use qemu it's easy and work

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