Forum Thread: Help with Kali Linux 2.0 VirtualBox ISO

For convenience, I resorted to using the pre-mad virtualbox ISO Kali 2.0 by importing appliance in virtualbox. However, I did not notice any prompts asking me how much storage I want to give it. Could someone please help me? I'd much rather stick to this method as reinstalling it as a regular ISO image is a real pain. Thank You!

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To see how much space is allocated to the VM,

Click on the VM.
on the top left there will be a settings icon, click it.
Navigate to the storage section and click on Controller: SATA
on the right hand side you will see "Virtual Size"

That's the size of the mem allocated. I don't belive you can change the size, but if the size is to small for your liking make a new VM and make the size bigger. if you think you made a mistake when making the VM just reply to this comment and ill make a tread on how to do it.

Hope this helps.


I think the used storage is a fixed value in the appliance-installment. It's size is 30 GB

Thanks for your prompt replies. @ Test file I understand how to find out the disk size (and make a bigger one in a new VM), but my question was to find out if it was possible to change the size of the imported appliance ISO that Offensive Security provides for easy VirtualBox use of Kali. @AD I see, bummer.

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