Forum Thread: What Is the Quickest and Most Simple Way to Hack Wifi in Your Opinion?

Looking for advice as a novice. Not asking for a cheat as a script kiddie but just your opinion on the most simple quick step. Preferably a tool from Kali Linux.

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I think the quick way is social engineering. Just ask the password of it to right person :)

thanks for the advice but it was more the situation where you dont want to speak to the owner of the wifi

No youre wrong!!
Social engeneering is the best! !

You dont have to speak with the owner...
Make an evil twin.. bump users off network... display page asking for wifi password.. bam!!

That's technically not SE, the computer is set to reconnect back to the evil twin. It is going to give you the password, you don't need to ask. It would actually give away your cover.

It would give you the encrypted handshake but not the password itself

thank you for the advice

there are many tools for this in kali and many ways ofc!
search on it and find best one for yoursefl
many hackers use aircracker (which is most common one) but there are some other tools which work fine!
the most importent part is how to crack that handshake actully in my opinion which using rainbow would work good

ok thank you MA K

Use wifite, if its has wps unlocked, if it is do as se7enpeace said, create an evil twin and make them try to connect to it and then bam you got the password xD , if you need more help pm me

I found an interesting application for windows Dummper and Jumpstart it works pretty fine for me, but the routers are limited. It´s more probable that you get a wifi password from a touch pin button router with WPA/PSK, even WPA/PSK encription. I would like to learn how to use kali linux for cracking password, specially evil twin!

Try aircrack-gn with Kali, many guides on this website , the best are made by Occupytheweb.

Cracking WPS with Pixie Dust attack is the fastest in my opinion.

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