Forum Thread: How Do I Hack WPS Locked Wifi

so I wanna hack a wps locked wifi, is their any program like bully/reaver that can do it?? keep getting AP warning with those.

side note, the wifi im trying to hack is Eircom if that helps

the wordlist, hack i never any luck with

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cN you help me to hack wifi. I dont have adapter. please i'll send picture

WPS locked? You'll have to resort to good ol' Dictionary hacking with Aircrack-ng or CoWPAtty. If it doesn't work, try another wordlist, and another, and so on.

There are some AP's that still resist that attack, maybe you can try some social engineering with this Evil Twin technique

@BURNCT the wifi i wanna hack is wps locked, in that Tutorial, the example wifi isnt wps locked

If its WEP then you can get iWeppro on an ios device to hack it, way easier useful, but this only works for WEP encryption.


mdk3 until it reboots and then try again. Some AP's will show Locked when they are not. The only way is to try it while locked and have reaver -L. Where there is a will there is a way, ignore easy... Further more pixiedust is not a cure all end all and that's from me, the useless guy.

Dealing with AP's you have 1,2 maybe 3 tries before the AP locks why waste it on useless vectors? Safe place answers at work...


In a few of the WiFi posts comment sections I have posted Reaver and the options I use against locked test and soon to be locked test AP's that get results.

The word list should be locale to you not generic like rockyou or perhaps take rockyou and merge it with a locale list.

Is there any attack to reboot the router ,I've tried reaver but after some tries the WPS got locked and I think If some how I'm able to reboot the router I can get the WPS again?? Now I have the WPS pin but I can't use it!!!!!

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