Forum Thread: After Learning C,C++ and Python.. What Else Should I Learn to Develop My Hacking Skills?

Hello Null Byte..

I'm just curious, i have no specific requirements or fields that i want to be specialized in, like Web exploitation or OS hacking. i don't prefer one thing over the other.

all i want is to know and understand better how things work, how to create my own Exploits, how to build my own remote administration tool, how to crypt, and most important how to use what i learn to do all that..i mean i might have the tools(programming language) but i don't know how to use it yet.

so what shall i do next? to build on what i've learn and be able to use(C,C++ and python) more effectively in hacking .. should i start learning Networking?, Assembly?, or Web languages?.

PS.. i also have a background on basic Linux and my learning it now, but i want to learn something else along with Linux.

any thoughts would be appreciated..

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I'm no expert, but it would seem the next step in your education would be experimentation and gaining specific knowledge. For example, start looking into exploit building and see how the others build their exploits, learn what tools, libraries, methodologies and techniques they're deploying; and once you know specifically what you're targeting it'd be good to read up about it and start writing code to experiment with the functionality of the vuln srvc you're toying with. But above all else, stay curious and keep having fun with CS, you will stumble across many useful and fascinating things that way

Thanks a lot for Your respond, I'll Surely be looking into that area.. However, i think that knowing how to code isn't enough for understanding how an exploit can be build. because i guess exploits usually contains element like "SOCKETS", "Traffics" that's a networking thing.. and i don't know how Network works, so it might be hard for me to understand how data can be manipulated using an exploit.. but I'm not sure..

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