Forum Thread: Android Hacking Using Kali

Hi I made a android hacking program using kali (made payload), and installed it in my phone. And because I use kali via usb, when I turn off my computer,it resets, I can't use installed program again. I want to use this program. So, plz help me to solve this problem.

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By "hacking program" do you mean you made a payload, sent it to your android phone and installed it?

yes. :) And I want to use this payload permanently.

You provided minimal information so I will have to assume you are talking about a meterpreter session. I believe what you're looking for is persistence.

Check out OTW's persistence tutorial which, even though is meant for targets running Windows, can be adapted for use against Android devices.


I think It can solve my problem. Thank you!

Permanently? You have to have root. But try reinstalling payload and making a listener, start that payload, then it should connect.

Thank you!

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