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Good day sir. Can i substitute my pocket wifi (LTE) as a wireless adapter for hacking in kali linux.
I am really a beginner of kali linux as I am only used in windows. Hoping for your replies. Thank you.

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If you mean use your Android phone as a penetration testing tool, then yes. There are some great articles on the site that can show you how and also have a look at Kali Nethunter.

root@kali:~/Desktop# chmod +x
root@kali:~/Desktop# python +x
python: can't open file '+x': Errno 2 No such file or directory
root@kali:~/Desktop# python
/usr/bin/python: can't find '_main_' module in ''
pls help i m new

i am unable to open any folder in my heard drive. please help me about this.

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