Forum Thread: Best Hacking Distro?

Im wondering what the best (in your opinion) Hacking distro. Im currently using Kali Linux but I've heard other people say they like parrotsec and backbox Linux better.

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Phoenix, i need your help
I posted a question, it appeared, then disappeared after some time! how?!

What was your question?

asking for help to find or make a cheat/hack for "" game !

that is considered illegal AND is considered script kiddie-ish, which is why it probably got removed.


First of all, this is a hacking and "programming" world but we dont include cheats or hacks for games, Second of all that's illegal which means we cant really help you here, still you could check other websites like hack forums or whatever.

Ok I think I'm going to try parrotsec and see how I like it. The Interface look amazing.

I have something for you here.
It's a review page by concise courses for many security distros.

-The Joker

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