Forum Thread: Port Forwarding Issue While Performing MsFVenom Over WAN


So I've been trying to use Meterpreter over WAN but unfortunately I am dead stuck at Port Forwarding. Ive read many port forwarding tutorials but no help.

When I log into my router, under the application menu, clicking on "Advanced NAT", I get the option "Virtual Server Configuration" which I believe is port forwarding. Am i right?

Here's what it looks like:

So what I've filled is:

Same interface (Thats the only option)
Enabled Customize (Default)
Protocol: TCP/UDP
Source IP address: Empty
Start Port No: 4444
End port no: 4444
Internal host: (my local ip)
Mapping name: Meter preter

Now the issue is, when I'm checking online if port is open or not, I get the same result. "Port is closed". Ive tried many websites but well, same result. Here's what it looks like:

I'm really stuck on this one, please help me out!
Thanks in advance

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