Forum Thread: How to Dual Booting (Host Windows 3GB of RAM)

good day! Do you have any suggestion if i would run this windows OS in dual boot for kali linux 2.0. sorry for the bad english...

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2 Responses

Dual boot doesn't mean that you launch two OS, Kali linux use far less resources than your Windows, you wont have any performance problem (except some programs that can use 100% of the cpu, obviously)

If you dont know that much, i suggest you to take care with partitioning, this will be your critic point. You have to pay attention and understand this step or you may erase your windows partition by mistake.

As Butwhy42 already stated. Dual booting doesn't mean you run both operating systems simultaneously, that's running a virtual machine.

Dual booting means you have two or more operating systems installed on the machine but only one will be active at any given time. This is done with a boot manager on start up or restart.

Again, as Butwhy42 has already pointed out, partitioning is where you need to be very careful. I just wanted to reiterate that point.


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