Forum Thread: Kali Linux Dual Boot Install Leads to Broken OSX Boot

I just attempted to install Kali Linux as a dual boot system via a USB. From the Kali OS I partitioned by mac HD and created 20 gigs of unallocated memory. After a mostly unsuccessful install, I bailed and attempted to boot back into OSX. It loaded briefly before showing a black screen with a white circle with a cross through it in the middle.

I attempted to delete the unallocated memory and resize the mac HD to what it was, but I can't get rid of the open space where the unallocated 20 gigs is. Safe boot doesn't produce any different scenario.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

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There's a couple different scenarios to fix this, but only one possible way is how I see it.

Scenario #1:

1.Do you have a bootable linux flash drive or a linux live disk somewhere? If so, then put in your bootable Flash drive, and boot up.

2.Plug in another flash drive (preferably an empty one with a fair amount of storage).

  1. Mount your HDD that needs to be "fixed". Transfer all the files that you wish to keep onto your empty flash drive.
  2. Power down.
  3. Wipe your HDD with DBAN (Dariks Boot and Nuke).
  4. Reinstall mac.

Scenario #2: DO everything the same, except this time, you will be using a different pc.

  1. Plug in your HDD that needs "fixed" So that you have two HDDs usable at once.
  2. Make sure in your BIOS that you don't boot to the one that needs "fixed"
  3. Transfer all the files that you wish to keep onto your booted HDD.
  4. Power Down
  5. Plug your HDD that needs to be "fixed", back into it's original host.
  6. Follow steps 5-6 in Scenario #1

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