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dual boot kali

Step 1:

What is the best laptop to dual boot kali with?? I already have my macbook set up too, but I'm thinking of switching over and dual booting with windows.. lmk what you guyz think

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It doesn't matter because you're not using the original OS on the system, you're using Kali.

In terms of hardware; so long as you have a network card that is compatible with aircrack-ng, you're fine. Every computer that you can use nowadays will be able to handle Kali just fine.


Hardware shouldn't really matter but do have a decently powerful PC with a quite large hard drive and ram

Used i5 Elite Book or Latitude 6410 i5 with Bluetooth 140$. Internal adapter(6410) is a beast and works great, was confused for a bit cause I thought It was using the alfa but it was beasting with the internal..

Toss an SSD in and max the Ram.

kool. Thx!! yeah, haven't ran a pc for a while, just wondering which ones everyone has liked the most lately..

I was thinking about getting an Asus G75VW or a MSI GT70.. anyone have an experience with any other gaming laptops??

i don't mind spending the money on it, just want to get highest performance possible..

If you already have a dual booted system with your Mac; why would you buy a new system?


because i have a 2011 macbook pro and i want to buy a new laptop..

If you are considering buying a machine just for your kali linux then you should definitely try getting a small portable thing like a raspberry pi. You could even customize it to your liking.

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