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Newbie here, just installed kali linux on my Mac and I couldn't find any info on the battery icon online, tried ACPI command, nothing returned, there's no battery info whatsoever, so last night I just closed the laptop and found this morning battery all drained, definitely need some config setup on the battery side. Does anyone have the same problem? It's annoying u don't know how much juice left when running under linux on the Macbook without the AC adaptor.

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I'm not 100% sure but I think you can maybe cntrl-right click on the toolbar or a different key and click to see options of things to place up there? I'm not in front of my machine, but this could be a lead to follow.

Thx WIR3D, I tried that, nothing happens, if you go to system setting-> power, I didn't see much to set, in my case.

Just updated system software, now the battery icon appears on the top, though it didn't show a % number.

Glad you got it worked out, mine doesn't show a % either... If you hover over it then you can see the stats on it. I'm sure there is something that we can download to show % continuously!

Found something:
battery percentage

That link is for ubuntu, but it uses dconf editor, which im 99% sure is available on linux too.

for me sometimes it works sometimes not,
but as a macbook user don't you have the button on the left side of your macbook, to check the battery?

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