Forum Thread: Is There Any Way to Hack Someone with Private IP?

Hi guys!

I and my friend wanted to train hacking on real PC and set up one in his house. Our problem is that he has private IP, I can only get his ISP IP. Is there any way to bypass it?

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First of all, let's talk about the difference between public IP addresses and private IP addresses. Public IP addresses are assigned to the network by the ISP. It is the IP address you see when going to a site such as

Private IP addresses are assigned to a computer on a network by the router. It will be something like

If you are on a separate network than your target computer and you only have their public IP address, it is possible to hack a machine on that network but it takes certain conditions to exist. It's not very likely. Your best bet is to create malware and send it to the target computer and run it. GL

Yeah, I know the difference. But it looks like this:
Friends PC - Router - ISP - Internet

So, his PC has private IP from router, then router has private IP from ISP and the only IP I can see is his ISP. But what I'm curious, when he connects to e.g. google, he sends packets and then get response from site. But site only gets his IP, isn't it? And if it is, it must get every IP, because it sends packets to ISP, then those packets are redirected to his router and then to his PC. Am I right?

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