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OS Kali Linux and its tools that doesn't work

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Hello everybody, I'm trying to learn ciber security with Kali Linux, and, a lot of its tools doesn't work, I.e.: ettercap doesn't scan host sometimes, sslstrip never work, I can't capture packets on WiFi network neither the password of the WiFi network, only a few tools are working, like ngrok, nmap, setoolkit (cloning sites), sql injection, but doesn't unencrypted the password of users, I can't make sniffing on a WiFi network neither dns spoofing, reef doesn't work, it doesn't recognize any nodes, all of this stuff is frustrating, anyone else have the same trouble like me?

P.D: I've used Kali Linux in virtual machine (VM ware) and Kali Linux from a flash drive, before I do something, I always run apt-get update and, in the virtual machine I run apt-get update and apt-get upgrade.

Thank you all!!!

  1. It's cyber not ciber
  2. Try other tools. Maybe dnsspoof combined with arpspoof or any evil twin tool for dns spoofing.

SQL mostly stores passwords ENCRYPTED. In order to decrypt/crack them you'll have to use hashcat on your host pc.

  1. I had problems too. I googled and googled until I found it.


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