Forum Thread: Problem with Kali Dual Boot

Hello HowTo users, I recently have been trying to Dual Boot Kali Linux on my computer. I got the iso image of the OS from the official Linux website, the version is 1.1.0a-amd64. I burned the image onto a blank CD (Maxwell DVD+RW 4.7 GB) I then restarted my system and booted into the CD but after a while of loading nothing appears, the monitor remains black. I'm running Windows 8.1 BTW and if I hit a couple keys after getting tired of waiting the system just boots into Windows.

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Either your iso is corrupt... or your image has not been burned to dvd properly... or dvd has some issues...

Id suggest try another dvd... burn it slowly...
If that fails... try create a bootable usb...
If that fails too... then you have to redownload the iso

{ im assuming you didnt download the kernel =.= }

Thing is, i'm already on my second iso, and I've tried three different blank CD's. I don't have a USB big enough to hold Kali, i'm currently looking at buying one though. I do have a spare HDD lying around though, however it's really old it's from my old system. should i try booting Kali with that? The old HDD is a Seagate Barracuda from 2007 (7200.10)

I had similar problems with Ubuntu a while ago, before selecting any option from the menu of kali once it boots, highlight the option you like and press "e" (i think it was e, not sure though) then in the screen that appears somewhere along the lines there's "quiet splash", just remove it and press Cntrl + X or F10 to save it (it might reboot itself I'm not sure) and that should fix the problem.

Also try changing your display port (phisicaly), we never know...

But his windows is working right??

I think you extracted the iso.. copied the contents onto dvd.. then burned them... that wont work...
What I suggest is download imgburn... select iso.. burn with lowest speed possible...

Same here i have burn kali linux 1.1.0 and kali linux 2.0 on dvd wit imgburn.. but when i try to boot them i get black screen only.. but when used pendrive to boot i cn boot to kali linux.. i suggest better mount the kali image to pendrive ..and boot..

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