Forum Thread: Kali Linux 2016 USB Not Booting

so i have this msi dominator pro with 64bit intel i7 core
and i have a kingston datatravel 32 GB USB

i wanted to dual boot Kali Linux so i found this stick lying around and used universal USB installer and kali 64 bit ISO image. madethe settings in my boot right (i dont know if i need to change anymore settings than just puttingyou USB in the top load order) and then restarted. everything should go fine but.... there comes the problem, it just started windows so i went into boot disabled windows startup restarted computer and now gave me boot. i want this really badly i have tryed different methods over 2 months and nothing seems to work.

can anybody help me ??

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I've had problems with Kali .iso's, but I'm not sure if this is one. What I did was just redownload the file. Are you formatting the flash drive to FAT32? I'm not sure if you have the option not to, but you definitely have to.

yes i have formatted it fat32 and i have redownloaded it several times.
thanks for the comment anyway.

If you have a DVD drive, that could also work.

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