Forum Thread: Portforwarding Vpn??

if i have a portforwarding vpn can I use it for metasploit over wan or anything else over like connecting to a php shell??? or do I still need a router to portforward????

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yes its possible, you dnt need a router,was having same problems i bought a vps and installed msf on it

I'm having a lot of problems too. Who did you buy your VPS from?

well yes vps is different cause you are connected directly to the internet but i am wonder if i can use a vpn that has port forwarded to use metaploit on wan how much you pay for vps by the way and how do you like it ??

I'm not sure what you mean "a VPN that has port forwarded". You talking about your own virtual private network, or using VPN technology for the purpose of protecting personal identity and location?

i bought my vps from hostmada

hes talking a a vps virtual private server i am talking about a vpn virtual private network and i have torguard with allow me to portforwad.....

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