Forum Thread: Staying Safe While Training Pentesting/Hacking on Vmware(Help please)

Hello, i am wondering how can i be perfectly safe on vmware. I've been testing exploits, malwares, and sniffing but never thought that it would be risky..cause After all it's virtual. In the network settings, if i put host only would my whole system still be at risk? Because as far as i know if you mac flood or anything related to that by using NAT or any other except host only..It can also make your system vulnerable. So i just wanna know am i perfectly safe if i use host-only while testing? Or it can make my system vulnerable? If so, I would really appreciate some tips.

Thank you

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If you let the 'Host-Only' on, so, it'll be risky only if your host get compromised, else, no way to anyone get into your VM. Great way to learn, keep with the training (:

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