Forum Thread: I Am Being Hacked Like Mr. Robot.

First of all, I read the article on how to tell if you've been hacked (I didn't NEED to read it, I beyond know) but I'm trying to contact the author OCCUPYTHEWEB; he says he obviously has email and can be contacted there but when I click on his name it just takes me back to

Is this a place where I can get help? I don't want to hurt anyone, I just really want and need help. This has been going on for at least two years, probably more, and it's made me a different person (the exhaustion, frustration, confusion, no sleep, anxiety, etc.) I mean I'm REALLY at my wit's end; no one can help me, they tell me I'm crazy/that's impossible, or the few who do know, know how hard it is to find out who is doing this and why, or that they'll be prosecuted.

I'm going to make a list of things that have happened that don't include all of it by far, just by recency and the biggest/strangest/most impossible seeming things. Off the bat: I have an ex from 2012 who gps stalked me via phone before I knew that was a thing, he'd text me "how's (wherever I was at)?" and I'd be frantically looking around like an idiot. But I don't think he hates me or has a reason to continue doing this. This is gonna sound bad: my current boyfriend works at Apple. We've been dating two years together and he is a snooper to say the least, but that's like reading my journal/texts. He works in order support and when I say things like "netbios" I can tell he has no idea what I'm talking about.

Ok here are the things. I have been through about 7 phones in two years. I locked myself out of my iphone in March and when I got back in, everything saw my phone as new. Google would email me "got a new device?" I had a couple phones get hacked within 15 minutes, one time I was in a new city, my Dad paid, I used a new gmail and hadn't even had time to link with past...anything. It made me paranoid, I thought the people in the store were "in on it" because the t-mobile representative looked terrified when I came back the next day and it's hard to explain but when he set up my phone he called from the store's number but there was a time lapse between the "you got a new device!" message and when he actually called. When I got home I was already rooted. Same with Cricket store, I was suspicious of the person working there who sold my phone with the wrong sized sim card for one thing, and I just had no other explanation for how I was getting hacked with brand new info so fast. I got a new macbook and set it up with strict firewalls; no guest user. I discovered that in fact there was 20 gb of guest and public folders that were hidden to me. I was not, in fact, the admin. I was connected to an Active Directory workgroup using a windows server. I'd untick FTP passive mode, it'd be ticked again. I just tentatively made a lastpass account on my windows computer and found a lastpass folder with everything extracted and a suid. My passwords get changed constantly, sometimes I can get back in, sometimes not. They got through protonmail with 2fa on my phone (app, not text). I don't get texts at times, I have 2 phones and there have to be multiple copies of my number. Is that enough to interest anyone? This sounds really lame but I'm a really sweet person and I just want to live a normal life and not live in fear.

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I thought of a few other important things, sorry - I have no vehicle and wondered if rideshare apps were somehow involved for reasons I'm too tired to explain right now. Too many coincidences. Cause everyone always says "but they haven't stolen any money!" Well that's one way they could be. Also, my university uses Active Directory and I get an invalid certificate warning when I go to their website - I don't currently attend in the flesh/live there- but they assured me it's not them and they'd be able to detect something weird going on within their network.. But that's one of the only things I can think of that's been connected to me for when I was first a victim of id theft (2012). The wireshark experiment was obviously taken over by them/it/this ghost haunting me, the results were REALLY weird, I had some all 0's and tons of over 1500s and in plain text it would say things like "tell to tell 196.0.2..." and then I had a configuration file made up with all these rules etc that I didn't make.

Wow this is terrible . Why dont you call the police ?

i agree, if this is happening, call the police.

I have, they are worthless and feds won't get involved unless there is some big obvious money being taken, which there isn't, which is why I want to know what these people want. It's hard to prove to people who don't know a lot about malware which is most people, and stuff like this people, the cops assume I'm crazy/mistaken. I can hire a forensic person for $3,500, which I don't have.

I was was actually touched by your situation because it has happened to me as well and for that reason I understand u don't have the financial ability to hire a forensics scientist. That s why I offer my services for fee in order to stop whatever is happening to you.

I don't understand how you are being hacked, this guy must be way better than Mr. Robot. Or you have to be doing something the same every time that gives him access to your devices.

Other than that I dont see anything evidence that you are being hacked. I think you maybe scared cause you were once hacked before. If your brain is looking for things like that, your brain will see that. Keep calling the Police if you really insist that someone is watching you.

i'm inclined to agree with rub1x in all honesty, i just thought it a tad to harsh to say to someone who seems like it's the last thing they want to hear.

I know I am an honest one. Sometimes that is not the best thing -_-.

Im not so sure because she said that she go emails from Google Got a new device?.
This means he is not that good being stealthy.

Her BF works at Apple and she then started talking about NetBios? She sees something weird about he school having Active Directory and her getting Cert errors..... None of that is fishy, unless you do not really know how this stuff works and if you have been hacked before and are worried about being hacked again, you are going to see everything as fishy.. She went through 7 iPhones... Out of all the phones in the world Apple takes security very very seriously. iPhones are very hard to hack unless you leave your screen unlocked and a hacker physically has the device. The odds that she is being hacked are slim, I am just being honest. What she says does not add up it sounds like taking bits and pieces of things she may not understand fully and making it fit her fears.

That being said, I think the best things for her to do is either learn how these things work, that way the fear can be relived, and she can go back to having a happy life, or she should call the police if she seriously still thinks she is being hacked. The only thing we can do here is tell her how these things works when she has questions... We are not the police unfortunately.

yea, the new device notifications are probably her... Just saying, and i agree with rub1x again, iPhones are incredibly secure, and to hack on consistently, you would need to have a really good zero day and be like the greatest hacker on earth.

Ugh i just wrote a reply that was long and clarifying and when i pressed send it said an unknown error has prevented it being sent. I will re-do tomorrow, there's some clarification needed. But THANK YOU guys for responding and listening so much, ill be back.

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