Forum Thread: How to Install Kali Linux on Iphone or Ipad

Hi all. Awesome website. Do you know how ti install kali linux on ipad or iphone?
If its possible pls lead some links here. Thank you all in advamce

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You can on android if you install the arm version. Google it.

Thx for answer xarkes, but my point is if i can on ios not on android. I dont own android device :(


If your phone/tablet has an ARM CPU, you install Kali. Kali is an operating system, not an application, so the underlying OS is irrelevant.


Best thing to do in your situation is to take your I phone and throw it out the window, go to the store , and get anything not made by Apple

I have to agree, If you are looking to make phone calls your iPhone is great. But if you want to play with Kali iPhone will not support what you need. BTW, I have an iPhone, but only so I can do tech support for my wife.

I will go through it, and hopefully ill find something useful for me

So, still no body knows how to install Kali on iPad air2. ?

Do you understand that Kali is an operating system? If you installed it, it would no longer be an ipad or iphone, but rather a hacking platform.

That's exactly what i am lookig for.

can I download and use kali on an old iPhone I have that no longer has a SIM card? If so, I can I practice using it to try to break into my active phone or vice versa?

You could install individual tools as Ciuffy suggests above.

Right! However, some users have recently been reporting problems regarding support for more recent versions, I have to admit that. I will be testing it out as soon as possibile and update the guide. In the meanwhile, Hamid might report his results, so I can better understand where the problem lies.

Kali on my iPad would suck so bad but be cooler than a fan..

That was cold...

there is not complete fun on iphone like kali linux bcoz of there is not wifi card and monitor mode application.but this is quitely cool.

Hi brothers im new to all this and would like to change os on iphone 5c to linux ,please would someone advise me how to and which version is best for it thanx ....

P.s. A link and a tutorial would be fantastic and much appreciated ...
?????? D

Ciuffy has several tutorials but start with this one .

Bro, you can do this with Bochs(jailbreak) it can run other OSs on iDevices. Search google to "Linux on Bochs iOS"

In order to use the ported tools would I have to get rid of the ios on the ipad. Also, is it possible to use the tools to resolve a wifi password?

I wanna perma install linux on my iPad, which means.... No Jailbreak....

Is iPad 1 A Good Hacking Platform???

Unfortunately not there is no way to install Kali on IOS and if there was it would not have any sort of connectivity and it would even be iffy on getting something like the processor to run it efficiently due to there not being drivers for it. As for the ports, you likely don't want to use them either they are not meant for mobile platforms and would probably just run slowly. I could be mistaken though so find out for yourself.

Kali would not work on IPad on native mode. It would not take any network connection, or even worse, it would not display nothing.

I am facing more or less the same issue, but I know what I cannot INSTALL kali on my Ipad pro. Solutions that I am exploring at the moment :

  1. Install a virtual machine service on my ipad and run kali from it
  2. run Kali on a home server and remote desktp into kali from my ipad
  3. install kali on aws and run it from there - costly and complicated!

Please anyone I need help with my kali Linux or maybe it's my iPhone. I wanted to share my data via usb from my iPhone to kali Linux but it's only got connected and I'm unable to browse on kali but when I tried someone else phone it works perfectly please anybody I really need a fix

I mean when I tried other people's android

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