Forum Thread: Why Won't Kali Linux Recognize My USB Wifi Adapter?


I have a dell xps 13 with the latest Kali linux installed (Locally - NOT virtual machine). The laptop has a Killer internal wifi adapter which I can see as WLAN0 in iwconfig. I also just purchased a Tp-link tl-wn722n (v2) which I want to use for monitor mode. However upon plugging in the usb I can not see it in iwconfig. Running lsusb I can see the device with no info next to it. I tried installing firmware from here however I get an error "There was a problem when compiling the package."

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Can you see it in ifconfig?

I see lo, wlan0 (my internal wifi card) and <global>.

Another thing to add, the lights on the device only flash in windows, no lights when booting into kali.

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