Forum Thread: Installing Kali Linux

I am using live usb to boot Kali Linux.
What should I choose between this boot menu?
Please help

Live (686-pae)
Live (686-pae failsafe)
Live(forensic mode)
Live USB persistence
Live USB encrypted persistence
Graphical install
Install with speech synthesis
Advance options

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5 Responses

Graphical install if you wanna install it..
Live 686-pae if you wanna run it from usb... really slow

if i use "live USB persistence" ,every time i boot kali i have to change boot order HDD to USB and USB to HDD .

I have it setup so that my bios is locked and to boot to kali i have to click the escape key on boot, otherwise it will boot to windows automatically. Its a pretty good setup. Plan on upgrading to kali 2.0 soon though

Regarding this matter, is there any significative issues or conditions of using a "live USB persistence" or a HDD instalation?

Something like speed or losing files... Or something else?


hello i'm a biggner to linux .....when i tried 2 install kali with an USB ..each time I get error msg saying "can't read "release"" the step detecting & mounting CD-Rom ...what to do ??? ....pls reply...

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