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I am using live usb to boot Kali Linux.
What should I choose between this boot menu?
Please help

Live (686-pae)
Live (686-pae failsafe)
Live(forensic mode)
Live USB persistence
Live USB encrypted persistence
Graphical install
Install with speech synthesis
Advance options

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Live: if you want to boot up kali without modifying your drive(s)
live with failsafe: some kind of troubleshooting version of live booting. i don't know what it is.
live forensic mode: if you want to do digital forensics on said computer.
live USB persistence: same as live booting, but your configurations will be stored on your USB.

live USB encrypted persistence: same as USB persistence, but the persistence partition is encrypted using LUKS encryption.

install: installs kali on a drive.
graphical install: same as install, but with a GUI
install with speech synthesis: same as install, but with speech instructions.
advanced options: other options (like memtest).

hope i helped.


thank you

which one would you recommend if they are new to linux?

it solely depends on what you want to do.

if you want to install Kali on a hard drive, use the "install" option. if you don't and just want to boot kali, use the "live" option. if you want to store changes, use the USB persistence option (how to set up USB persistence can be found here.)

also, i advice you to learn some basic linux skills before attempting anything.


Graphical install if you wanna install it..
Live 686-pae if you wanna run it from usb... really slow

who uses graphical install, honestly? i don't see how it is easier than the regular install.


I dont know whats normal install lol..
I was new to kali so I decided to go with graphical rather than commands ;);)

if i use "live USB persistence" ,every time i boot kali i have to change boot order HDD to USB and USB to HDD .

I have it setup so that my bios is locked and to boot to kali i have to click the escape key on boot, otherwise it will boot to windows automatically. Its a pretty good setup. Plan on upgrading to kali 2.0 soon though

Regarding this matter, is there any significative issues or conditions of using a "live USB persistence" or a HDD instalation?

Something like speed or losing files... Or something else?


hello i'm a biggner to linux .....when i tried 2 install kali with an USB ..each time I get error msg saying "can't read "release"" the step detecting & mounting CD-Rom ...what to do ??? ....pls reply...

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