Forum Thread: Installing Kali on a Live USB

I am going to install Kali on a 64GB usb and i know all the basic steps such as burning the ISO image on my usb.
All im concerned about is...
When i do a live USB and i go into the bios and put the boot menu as USB first.
I DO NOT want it to damage my current operating system(windows 7)
i just want it to be on a USB that's it.

So if i use a live USB Kali with persistence will it delete my windows 7 also can i save files on Kali operating system to my USB.

I heard rooted devices can be used for hacking
Does that mean i can use a chrome cast which is rooted for hacking ?

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Please use the search function next time.

EDIT: changing the boot order will not damage your system. USB persistence means just that, so granted you have the storage capacity, yes you can save files.


Sorry but i have to be REALLY careful if i mess up my windows im getting killed O_O
is there any way to test it on another environment first ??

You can run it through virtualisation software; but like I said, a persistent USB is perfectly safe so long as you follow the guide I linked above. If you have any questions throughout the guide, ask it in the contents section of said guide and someone will be able to help you.


The only reason I raise that question with you, is that you ADAMANTLY supported RomeoandJuliet's right to give malicious advice to a newcomer. Would it be OK if someone in this community gave you advice that would purposely wipe out your Windows 7?

Of course not!

How would you feel if someone gave you advice that purposely wiped out your Windows 7?

I would annoyed O_O and i was told he didnt run the cammand

Also im not a complete new commer to kali ? Yes but in general programming and hardware im pretty decent i just have this problem that i have to clarify everything

Whether he ran the command or not is irrelevant.

Hah... Turn around is fair play?

If you're asking these questions; not only are you new to Kali, but you're also new to the slightly more advanced aspects of computing.

And I use the term advanced very loosely in this sense.

As I said before, virtualisation and live USB will not alter your system; neither will changing the boot order in BIOS.


u shouldn't have any issues booting off the usb, but just to be sure, you could back up everything important on an external..

I know visualization obviously wont but im just being cautious

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